• Diamond Candles

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    I am really excited to be writing about something other than food. (Yes, even though I do love sharing my recipes!) I wanted to incorporate other things into my blog and decided to do a few reviews for things that I’ve found and that I have loved. Okay, not really a review if I love it, but still things that I wanted to share with the general public. Either way, like I said, I am very excited to write this entry on Diamond Candles!

    What is a Diamond Candle, do you say? It’s pretty simple – each candle from this certain company has a ring hidden inside! Each ring is valued anywhere from $10, $100, $1000, or $5000. At $25 a pop, I think that’s a pretty sweet deal. (Each candle is 21 oz.) When I first found the website I looked through several video testimonals to see if it was worth it. A lot of the rings that I saw in the videos were pretty, even if they were just valued at $10. I figured the deal was good as well, seeing as full-sized Yankee Candle ranges about the same in the dollar amount. Not only that, but I love surprises as well so I decided to give it a try. I decided to order one for my mum for Mother’s Day and got one for myself as well. I ended up with cupcake for myself and strawberry bliss for my mum.

    (Left to right: My Diamond Candle & my hidden ring!)

    It took exactly a week to get my order, which I guess is a pretty decent shipping time for being shipped through USPS. Not to mention that the company had been so overloaded with orders that they had a hard time filling them. I really don’t see that due to any fault of their own – they’re a fairly small company, from what I know of. The packaging was excellent – there was so much bubble wrap that it took me a good 7-8 minutes to get both of them out of the box and unpackaged. That afternoon and evening I burnt my candle to get down to the ring! The scent itself is awesome. I love food and fruit scented things so this was perfect. Not only that – but the scent is powerful, and I love that about it. Even when I was upstairs in our home, I could still smell it.

    It took about 3 hours of burn time to see the top of the foil. That’s when Bear (the boyfriend) got excited and made me pull it out to unwrap. The ring itself was pacakged pretty well. It was hidden in a gold foil that was sealed with some sort of heavy glue, and also wrapped up in a small “Ziploc”-style bag. I was pretty excited at the reveal of my ring!

    (Left to right: My ring & my mum’s ring.)

    In being able to tell if your ring is real or fake, it’s best to check the inside of the band to see if it’s “stamped”. Rings of a good value are usually stamped with what sort of metal that it’s set in. Both mine and my mum’s were just stamped “China”, and were fairly light so both are deemed fake. However, it’s such a fun thing and a cute little bonus that there is no doubt in my mind that I will order again. I mean ’cause hey, even if it’s not a “real” ring, I still have a candle that smells excellent that costs about the same as a Yankee Candle, but Yankee sure doesn’t offer rings up to $5000 hidden inside! The only complaint that I really have about these candles is the thickness of the wick. It’s been kind of hard to get the flame to catch the wick after burning my candle. I’m not sure if the size of the wick has to do with the candle being made of soy wax, or not.

    Do you like what you see? I sure hope so because I was certainly impressed! You can purchase Diamond Candles in a variety of scents for a little under $25 (plus shipping) on the Diamond Candles website. If you still want to do a little research, check out all of the posts from people on Facebook. You can check out a ton of rings that have been found!

    (Please note that I purchased these candles on my own and have done this review on my own free will. I was not given any free items or paid to write this review for Diamond Candles in any way, shape, or form.)